Ethics Statement

Blue Mountain Real Estate Photography performs post-production work on all photos and videos. While we do our best to make sure the photos are an accurate and ethical representation of a home, we also use techniques to enhance the photos to look their best. 

These techniques include but are not limited to:

● Stitched panoramic photography

● Liquify 


● Content-aware fill

● Sky Replacement


If at any time you are uncomfortable with a photo, you may always request the original, untouched photo to determine if the photo ethically and accurately represents the home.  It is the responsibility of the real estate agent to ensure that the photo is an accurate representation.

Scope of Services

Blue Mountain Real Estate Photography LLC reserves the right to send any of its photographers or sub-licensed photographers to complete the work contracted with the client. Marcus Rainey does not complete all of the photo shoots for the company, but all photos must meet the company standards, and remember that we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every shoot. By contracting for a shoot with Blue Mountain Real Estate Photography LLC, you agree that Blue Mountain Real Estate Photography LLC retains all ownership rights to the photos taken and may use the photos on its website, to advertise its services, or for any other means unless otherwise stated/agreed in writing.  Blue Mountain Real Estate Photography LLC grants the rights to real estate agents contracting its services to use the photos taken during a shoot in connection with selling the home/property (show on MLS, your website, etc.).