Charlotte REal estate photography

My Story

As a US Navy Veteran, father and photographer, I found my passion in Real Estate Photography. I enjoy bringing these homes to life and being able to give buyers the experience of being in the home, without ever stepping foot inside the house! Based in Gastonia, NC but willing to travel, I have photographed homes and buildings throughout the country. Some of my clients include ChantelRay Realty, Stay Minty, Opendoor, Knock, Fair House Offer, Grifols, Keller Williams, Highgarden, Life Storage and Offerpad. While I love being a real estate photographer in Charlotte NC I equally enjoying traveling to new locations and capturing homes to help clients set their listings apart.

My Experience

I’m a self-made photographer that is continuously improving his skill. I use top of the line equipment and editing software to ensure the best quality for every single shoot. I have contracts with multiple real estate companies along with freelance clients. Having experience in multiple types of photography, real estate photography is my specialty. I use professional grade Canon Mirrorless cameras, Nikon DSLR’s and high quality lenses for still photography. In my drone work I prefer using DJI UAVs, depending on the assignment – the MavicPro is my favorite. I use Matterport software and a Ricoh Theta V for our 3D/Virtual Reality assignments.

My Photos

I enjoy bringing homes to life and showcasing them for both the seller and the buyer. In order to ensure the best quality photos for each home, the homes must be ready to be photographed. This means the house must be clean and clear of debris at the time of the photo shoot to ensure excellent quality photos. Once I finish working behind the camera the real fun begins in post edits. My team offers every client premium editing. We keep the photos as natural as possible while also making sure they are really polished and have great lighting and color. I capture all of our photos in multiple exposures to bind those photos together during editing creating a perfectly exposed image every time.